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Schools WorldwideDec 2017 Enewsletter
Cross country skiing in Finland
Snow Time Like Adventure Time

As the end of the year draws near and the festive season is upon us, it is the perfect time to contemplate future adventures with a twist for your students. Whilst the majority of overseas school excursions take place during the warmer spring and summer months, Finland offers a personal adventure like no other during winter. Winter Wilderness Experience is one of our most memorable itineraries in Europe, particularly for those looking to take part in a shorter trip that stands out from the rest. Here, students will be challenged to learn winter survival skills, snowshoe frozen landscapes, and cross-country ski through the taiga forest. Aside from the physical activities, students will have the chance to camp out in their own hand-built igloos and watch the northern lights after a day of husky driving.

Sub-arctic Finland is one of the most remote and untouched landscapes left in Europe, which equates to huge tracts of land ripe for adventure and exploration. This is not like a lot of other school experiences due to the challenging environment, exhilarating activities, and extreme location. Students embarking on an itinerary in the Finnish winter will discover seldom-seen ecosystems, push themselves to new physical peaks, and be likely to bask under the beauty of the northern lights.

Winter Wilderness Experience   8 days

Seasons Greetings. We hope that you enjoy your Christmas break and we look forward to hearing from you next term!

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